AM City passes ordinance April 9th, 2015

Anna Maria City Commissioners April 9th passed a vacation rental ordinance which is a severe over reach of their powers. The draft ordinance is attached here for your review. While there are many problematic issues for all of us the most severe issues relate to occupancy as well as parking.

1) Occupants: The maximum day guest or night guest occupancy of an Anna Maria City vacation rental is the lesser of 8 occupants or two occupants per bedroom. A 3 bedroom which uses a sleeper sofa under this new ordinance would have an occupancy of 6. A 5 bedroom home which has occupancy of 10 occupants is now set to a maximum of 8 occupants. Obviously a severe loss of rental income.

2) Parking: There must be one off street parking spot per bedroom. Therefore, a three bedroom home must have three parking spots and none of the spots may be tandem. In addition, there is a stipulation regarding covered parking which leads one to believe covered parking is required for all homes however in the previous ordinance it was only required for new construction.  We need clarification on this topic to be sure.

The ordinance is 21 pages long and includes expectations of licensing by January 1st, 2016. The licensing includes inspections to ensure the physical expectations of the ordinance is met. Some more of the “low lights” include 6 foot opaque vinyl acoustic fence required to surround pools with an estimated cost for most owners of $5,000. Pool hours of 8 AM to 10 PM (in the attached ordinance it is 10 AM to 10 PM which we believe to have been changed last minute). 3 infractions in a 12 month period and the City takes away the owners right to rent for 24 months. Rental managers must know the name and age of all occupants as well as license plates for all vehicles parked overnight. We must run all guests through a sexual predator database and the list of requirements goes on and on.

AMIVPA understands the need for constant work towards finding balance between visitors and permanent residents, it is what makes Anna Maria Island so special. It is unfortunate the ordinance is so significant in it’s over reach of removing Anna Maria City owners real property rights. The Anna Maria Island Vacation Property Association is developing our plan to litigate against this ordinance and we plan to reverse this ordinance.

What can you do as an owner?
1) See attached unofficial ordinance and please read.
2) Email or call the Mayor as well as city commissioners citing the problem spots the ordinance creates for you personally. Be sure to cite the expected fiscal loss you anticipate due to this ordinance. (941) 708-6130 is the elected officials main phone number.
Click Here for the link to the email addresses for our elected officials. If you email the City please copy me on your email.
3) Check to see your property manager is part of AMIVPA.  If not then they are not protecting your rights to reasonably rent to visitors in Anna Maria City.


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