Anna Maria City inspection update

Many property managers have gone through the registration process to completion and the inspection process has been fairly easy.  Yes, the inspector is finding items out of compliance but if reasonable most of us are able to fix the issue while the inspector is there and the property is found to be in compliance.  There have been two exceptions to date that are worth mentioning.

  1.  Bedrooms under 100 sq ft do pose a challenge for owners.  Per the ordinance that room sleeps (1) individual as long as the bedroom is larger than 70 sq ft.
  2. Bedrooms without a secondary egress have also been found to be an issue.  Windows too small due to the time period of the build and what was on code are found to be out of compliance however acceptable.  However, bedrooms with no secondary egress are found to be out of compliance and no occupants are allowed to sleep in that room.  While this situation is rare we have seen a few.

Bottom line, so far so good.

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