Anna Maria City Vacation Rental Ordinance update – NOV 19th

Anna Maria City last night met and successfully passed the attached vacation rental ordinance.   We understand it was a unanimous vote.  The ordinance started as a 24 page document and is now a 14 page document.  Collaboration and compromise was made to create the current vacation rental ordinance.  There remains a few stumbling blocks as it relates to occupancy and grandfathered occupancy.

More specifically, occupancy is established as two per bedroom plus two up to 8.  For future vacation rentals regardless of bedroom size the maximum occupancy is 8.  For existing vacation rentals above 4 bedrooms the maximum occupancy is two per bedroom and that occupancy is grandfathered for 5 years.  In addition, there is a per lot maximum occupancy of 8 which can be a challenge for many duplex buildings in the City.

The City will begin to diligently work on registration requirements as well as the registration fee.  The registration process begins JAN 1, 2016.

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