In the News – Anna Maria City resident Meeting

Anna Maria Island Vacation Property Association – In the News

Earlier in the month of December the AMIVPA met with concerned residents in Anna Maria City with the assistance of Dan Murphy the new mayor. The meeting was very productive and many residents expressed their gratitude for our time and expressed their pleasant surprise that the Association was open to discussions requiring a license process in Anna Maria City for all Vacation Rentals as well as an annual inspection process.

We did have healthy dialogue regarding large homes, post 5 bedrooms and the challenges the community faces regarding noise, parking and trash.  While we came to no fruitful decisions regarding the appropriate house size the association did explain that we would take no active role in discussions regarding building code.  We are happy to contribute however it is not in our place to take a stand on what can or cannot be built in the City of Anna Maria.

We did discuss as well the details of our concern regarding the retention of Mr. Levin to provide an opinion on vacation rentals as it relates to the City of Anna Maria.  It is this specific subject that has the association most concerned.  Changing minimum vacation rentals to one month or abolishing vacation rentals is one in the same for the association. Most of the residents in attendance began to understand the Associations concern regarding one month rental minimums when we informed the group that on average, 92% of our vacation guests stay for 7 days.

The group agreed our meeting was a great first start to find cooperation as it relates to responsibly managing vacation rentals in Anna Maria City.

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