Association drops litigation with Anna Maria City

The Anna Maria Island Vacation Association has dropped the litigation against Anna Maria City.  Frankly collaboration with the Mayor as well as commissioners has led to a much improved vacation rental ordinance.  The ordinance will better stand the test of time and considerably more reasonable on most aspects.

We are aware occupancy for many is a big problem in regards to the November 19th ordinance.  Many have requested information on Bert Harris and we will continue to use our resources to help answer those questions.

We are appreciative for the collaboration with Anna Maria City and hope further collaboration reduces potential Bert Harris claims however time will tell.

One thing is very certain.  Manatee County continues to grow at leaps and bounds.  Visitors to the beach will NEVER STOP.   It is everyone’s natural resource.   We need to stop talking about the “good ole days” and make sure we have an eye on planning for the future.  If we don’t start thinking about what infrastructure we need in place in 5 years to handle twice as many visitors we will find ourselves in a parking lot with no where to go.  Regardless of our wish to Santa Clause, visitors will continue to come to Anna Maria Island in record numbers.  The challenge in front of us all is to get involved, collaborate and PLAN for growth.


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