Early September 2015 busy on Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria City passed their revised vacation rental ordinance September 2nd.  Unfortunately the commission just prior to the vote change grandfathering to be 5 years.  It seems to be public information the City used 5 years as a “placeholder” and plans may be under way to revise the length of grandfathering for occupancy.  Attached is the new ordinance.

Holmes Beach passed their first vacation rental ordinance.  We don’t believe there will be further revisions however one never really knows for sure.  Holmes Beach contrary to Anna Maria City spent time up front engineering the ordinance to get it “right the first time.”  Attached is the draft of the rental ordinance which should be close to the final which passed.  Holmes Beach has grandfather provisions in the ordinance which helps maintain real property rights of those currently renting.  The most significant item in the ordinance is an occupancy of 6 for future rentals or 2 per bedroom whichever is more.  4 bedrooms are established as the maximum number of bedrooms so future vacation rentals in Holmes Beach will have a maximum occupancy of 8.  In addition, grandfathered occupancy appears to be 2 per bedroom.

AMIVPA attorneys met with the honorable Judge Smith on September 9th, 2015.  This court hearing was primarily set up to establish a final court date to discuss the legal aspects of the current vacation rental ordinance.  Anna Maria City continues to modify the vacation rental ordinance which requires a revamp of AMIVPA litigation each time a change is made.  This court hearing was to establish a snapshot in time which regardless of revisions would create the opportunity to rescind the ordinance.  Two dates were tentatively established, early November if possible or late January 2016.

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