Friends of AMIVPA

Red Sky provides insurance coverage exclusively to the vacation rental industry in coastal, lake, ski, mountain and beach destinations.  Red Sky has greater knowledge and experience than any other provider in the business.  Red Sky offers expertise to assist both the needs of guests and the business goals of vacation rental managers through our comprehensive travel insurance products, Sun Trip Preserver, Ski Trip Preserver, Ski Pass Preserver, Security Deposit Waiver and Maintenance & Exchange Fee Preserver.

Rental Network Software or RNS, was founded in 1988.  RNS develops technology driven Vacation Rental Software for professional Property Managers around the world. Based in Bradenton, Florida, RNS lives and breathes professionally managed Vacation Rentals. RNS has been a long standing supporter of the Vacation Rental Industry and has the utmost respect for the property managers and vendors that work and help grow the value proposition vacation rentals bring to the Travel Industry. It is no surprise, that through RNS’ 25 years of building and selling top of the line Property Management Rental Software, that RNS has created life long customers, dedicated employees and a software that is critical to our managers success.