How to help traffic congestion in Holmes Beach – Comment now

As we have mentioned on several occasions the mission of the Anna Maria Island Vacation Property Association is to continue to be good stewards to our community.  Opportunities for improvement have come in various forms to help alleviate trash, noise and traffic the vacation rentals on Anna Maria Island generate.  Another opportunity has presented itself to help our growing community.

The Coast Guard is taking comments on their proposal to change draw bridge openings on four bridges which include our Cortez and Manatee Avenue draw bridge.  The bridge openings would change from three per hour to two per hour.  We urge you to visit the Coast Guard comment website where you can leave your own comment on your support or resistance to the proposed change.  Of course it is our position to support the reduction of draw bridge openings to alleviate traffic to and from Anna Maria Island.  Many have already cited the suggestion is wonderful but move the bridge openings to one per hour especially if the bridges can be timed so a boat traveling through multiple bridges will arrive just in time for the next bridge opening.

Instructions to leave a comment:
Once you visit their webpage move to the upper right hand corner and hit the comment button.  Then take it from there.  Thanks for your active involvement in our community!

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