Holmes Beach and Anna Maria City Vacation rental inspections are underway

So we are into our second year of Anna Maria City inspections and all seem to be going well.  Really there are no new items to be communicated.

In Holmes Beach we are in our first year of vacation rental inspections and would like to take the time to communicate a few requirements that you may not be aware of.
1) All elevated homes utilizing the ground level for storage or for garages are required to provide access to ALL areas.  This includes owner closets, owner garages and the list goes on.  Holmes Beach must be able to see 100% of the enclosed areas in the vacation rental.  For ground level vacation rentals, owner closets are not required to be opened for the inspector to view.  Only elevated homes with ground level locked storage.
2) Any and all furniture on the ground level of an elevated vacation rental is not allowed and needs to be removed prior to the inspection.  This includes couches, sleeper sofa’s, large chairs, billiard tables and anything else similar to better assist with living arrangements in a ground level elevated home.
3)  All bedrooms MUST contain a traditional closet.  An armoire or dresser is NOT an acceptable form of a closet. IF you have a sleeping room which does not have a closet then it will NOT be classified as a bedroom.
4)  Outdoor tiki huts which are NOT attached to the main structure of the building are ok.  However, if water, electric or sewer is attached without a permit, the inspection will fail until all utilities are removed from the tiki hut.
5)  All vacation rental signs must be 10′ from the building structure and no more than 3′ tall and the sign may not swing and must be fixed.

Hope some of the items above help you to prepare and pass your Holmes Beach inspections.  As usual code enforcement has been patient with all of us learning the new guidelines and if you have questions or comments we would encourage you to speak directly with the code enforcement officers.  They both realize we all need help through this new process and life is easier working with the community rather than against.

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