Holmes Beach Passes Vacation rental ordinance 2-23-2016

Many of us attended the Holmes Beach City commission meeting last night.  With a few tweaks the ordinance was passed.  The City tentatively has plans to send out a letter to all with a business tax receipt.

The largest change for us all is occupancy related.  May 1st, 2016 we must all have our advertising corrected to market the correct occupancy which is 6 occupants or two per bedroom whichever is more.  All rental contracts made prior to May 1st will be grandfathered.  The City will begin working on the registration packet and while they have 120 days to complete it will likely be sooner.  Once the packet is complete, vacation rental owners/property management companies will have 90 days to complete and submit the new registration packet.  Registration may be the incorrect word but more later.

We will be sure to post the new passed vacation rental ordinance once we receive.

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