In the News – Mr. Levin opinion worksession

Anna Maria City had an important work session meeting on December 11th, 2014.  It was this work session the City of Anna Maria discussed the opinion of Mr. Levin.  In addition to Mr. Levin’s opinion the Anna Maria Island Property Association retained Lori Killinger and Kevin Hennessey to express a brief summary with their comments regarding Mr. Levin’s letter and Mr. Scott Rudacille weighed in as well with a two letters to the city.

The most substantial of discussions revolved around the fact that it is Mr. Levin’s opinion that the language the city has on the books prior to 2011 allows for the City to make all rentals illegal.  It is unclear and seems as though no City Commissioner will agree to outlaw rentals tomorrow however, it has opened up considerable discussion on what action the City feels is appropriate based on Mr. Levin’s comments.

Mr. Levin’s Letter to the City on behalf of the City of Anna Maria

Mr. Hennessey’s letter to the City on behalf Anna Maria Island Vacation Property Association

Mr. Rudacille’s letter to the City as well as a follow up letter

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