Senate Bill 188 2017 – introduced by Steube

There has been a great deal of news regarding Greg Steube’s Senate Bill 188.  It essentially reverses time to 2011 for any and all vacation rental ordinances passed since 2011.   If SB 188 were to successfully pass, it would negate the recent vacation rental ordinances passed in both Anna Maria City and in Holmes Beach.  As one could imagine there are mixed feelings about reversing everything that has been done over the past few years in regards to vacation rental regulations.  Especially given the changes locally.  Regardless of your position this post is offered as an informational source for those interested in SB 188.

For the actual bill language visit the text of the SB188.   If you wish to visit the overall progress of the bill as well as attached audio and video as the bill moves through committees visit the SB188 Summary page.

Finally, SB188 needs to successfully pass through three committees before it has the opportunity to be voted on as a new bill by the Florida Legislation.  Thus far the bill successfully passed through the Regulated Committee March 21st.  If you would like to review the video of the discussion and the Regulated Committee vote visit SB 188 video and the discussion starts at minute 45.

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